Day 3

So I’ve been doing positive daily affirmations for three days now.

Here are all the awesome things that have happened since then:

1. I was voted teacher of the month by my students (see the cutest of notes they wrote below)

2. I received a 100 on my most recent grad paper, making my GPA a solid 4.0.

3. I sang “You Are My Sunshine” in front of my students at the Arts Showcase today. They told me I should try out for the Voice (my inkling that most of them are deaf was confirmed).

4. I got to make pottery today.

5. One of my favorite (and most ridiculous) students from my first year of teaching came to my room to drop off my sweet new boys basketball sweatshirt. He’s so tall and eighth-gradery, and the sweatshirt is absurdly soft.

6. I had a great conversation with Virge that made me feel like I am truly on the right track.

7. I went medicine free today and didn’t feel miserable.

These are the biggies, and some of them are a stretch. Either way, I’m really pushing myself to see the good and let go of the crap. For example, today while I was doing some pottery with my students, a student of mine asked me if I had cats because I seemed “depressed” i.e. a cat lady. This super awkward comment made the tightness in my chest come back and suddenly dancing anti-depressant bottles appeared in my mind. Should I be medicated? Is it that obvious that I’m a little stuck? I freaked out. After that, I went to chorus with my students and we sang and danced and had a ball. I can’t lie and say that did the trick and I immediately forgot what the girl had said. But I’m not dwelling on it as much as I thought I’d be right now. That’s a big plus.

I’ve also been trying to write down something in my gratitude journal everyday to keep the positive juices flowing. It’s fun to look back on when I’m having a particularly tough time. If you don’t have the app on your phone- download it now! It gives you a gentle reminder everyday and it’s so cool to look back on all of the awesome things that happened months ago.

It takes 14 days to break a habit. I still think negative thoughts everyday. But they’re not every second of everyday anymore. So progress is progress.




Not sure why this last one won’t rotate… stand on your head?


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